How to Make Your Margarita Fall Season Friendly – Introducing the Fig Margarita

Okay, so one of the best takeaways from my trip to NYC this past weekend, and definitely the best thing I enjoyed at the (admittedly pretentiously named) Rouge Tomate, was their fig margarita.

Fig Margarita

I would have never thought. A fig margarita? Really? I wasn’t even sure I should order it. I had to ask the bartender if it was “safe.” He said it was one of his favorite drinks on the menu, so that was enough for me. I ordered it.

Love. Amazing. Fig, tequila, lime perfection.

So when I got home, of course I had to try to replicate it. I think I still fell a little short of what I tasted that night in New York, but what I made was still a damn good cocktail. The rich sweetness of the fig imparts a very seasonally appropriate flavor that is a little dark but still fruity enough to carry the tequila. Despite what you might initially think, it all comes together very well.

And so I share with you, the fig margarita.


- 8 figs
- 2 jiggers of your favorite tequila (silver or gold both work fine)
- splash of fresh lime
- splash of fresh lemon (optional)
- 1 egg white
- splash of water and/or tonic to taste

Makes two cocktails.

You really don’t need any simple syrup in this margarita because figs are naturally very sweet. And of course, feel free to tweak the quantity of tequila to your own personal taste.

1. First you need to puree the figs. Chop off any stems, and throw them in a food processor to pulse for a bit. You can skin them first, if you want, but after it’s pulsed you should strain the puree anyway so it’s not entirely necessary. I skinned mine, but I probably won’t bother in the future.

Figs in the Processor

2. Break an egg and split the white out into a bowl, save the yolk for another use. [Optional] – Splash a bit of lemon juice into the egg white – this is for the paranoid among us who are worried about raw eggs. The acidity of the lemon juice will kill any bacteria (particularly salmonella) that might have tainted your egg. Of course, you should still do your best to only use farm fresh eggs – the kind you don’t buy at a grocery store. But sometimes in life, situations are not entirely what they could be.

Not familiar with eggs in your cocktails? has a great explanation about using eggs in a cocktail. Essentially, the egg white in this cocktail works as a tool – you will not taste any flavor difference from it. When shaken, the protein molecules of the egg will separate, joining back together when they are near air. This will change the texture of the drink, adding a bit of creaminess and smoothness, while also creating a foamy layer on top. Don’t be afraid of the egg!

3. Grab your favorite cocktail shaker and mix it all up – add the tequila, the lime juice, the egg mixture, and some ice cubes. Save the tonic for after you shake it, if you plan to use any.

4. Pour and garnish with a slice of fig on a toothpick.

5. [Optional] – Dust with a little cinnamon and/or nutmeg.

Fig Margarita!

And that’s a fig margarita. One of my new favorite drinks – I know I’ll be pouring these for at least awhile to come.